First Steps In Building A Business




Whether you just have an idea in the oven or looking for help launching. Help and research could be provided to ensure the success building of proper foundations for your business.



Enterprise Strategy Walk-through




Developing techniques to influence your company’s position in the market place.




Blog Topic Elaboration

Chronicles Of A Local ATL Startup [Chapter 6:My Prototype, Log 3]-media-2


To all readers of our ‘Chronicles For A Local ATL Startup’ blog that have requested for elaboration on a topic, feel free to contact for a more detailed and customized deliverable.

Product Evolution




Product placement in the market will change as a business grows. Let us set out a formula to change your strategy and develop your products/services.


Startup Troubleshooting


Issue with your startup, let’s talk about it


Customer Discovery

Image result for customer discoveryWhether you are a business in action or in the planning stage understanding your market or target audience is vital. It’s essential for a business plan or expand customer acquisition. Let us provide a consultation to better identify your position in the market place and find your ideal customers.

Transformation Of Ideas To Money

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Have an idea or product, but don’t know how to make money from it. Whether it’s passive income or new ideas for revenue streams there is always a way to make money and we will find it.



Swot Analysis For Business/Product/Service




Swot analysis is an effective way to get a 3rd party view of internal and external influences.



Budget & Financial Statement Drafting

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Small businesses and wanna-be entrepreneurs need to manage effectively plan for their financial journey and track their income and expenditures.



Custom Order

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Have A Startup Topic/Industry/Idea You Want To Learn About…Hit Me Up & I Will Give You My Opinion.



Custom Article

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If you are an avid reader of my blog, your will notice I talk about all things startup related. Have a desire for product promotion, let’s talk and I will write an article about it.



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