How To Fix The Internet With Positive Posting |Colluide

Counter The Break The Internet Trend #fixtheinternet Tell me if this term sounds familiar to you ‘Break The Internet’. Obviously the internet is not a tangible item hence it cannot be broken.  In layman’s term, attempts to break the internet Read more ›

Creating A Millionaire Frame Of Mind|Colluide

How To Act Successful In our millennial age a common idea of success is construed as a fusion between entrepreneurship and being ‘happy’. Incidentally, there can be a correlation between being an independent business owner and person content with their Read more ›

Importance Of Mantaining A Website |Chapter 4:My Entrepreneurship, Log 2|Colluide

Topic: Website Bugs & Virtual Fixes A website is an company’s biggest asset. It can be considered as the virtual face of the company and a representative of company virtue. Firms that specialize in online services such as eCommerce or provision of Read more ›