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Counter The Break The Internet Trend #fixtheinternet

Tell me if this term sounds familiar to you ‘Break The Internet’. Obviously the internet is not a tangible item hence it cannot be broken.  In layman’s term, attempts to break the internet are simply posts that generate so much traffic it becomes a household topic in a short period. It is a metaphor representing a stream becoming too cumbersome with water and over flooding the curb. Incidentally, “break the internet” has a negative connotation as majority attempts have been notorious for having a malevolent nature. While ‘break’ reflects this nature, the time has come to counter this movement with a fix. Let’s symbolically fix the internet with posts of positive nature to counteract the negative nature #fixtheinternet.  To learn more about the movement visit

Fix The Internet Challenge

With the dot com bubble burst coming out of the horizon in the early 1990s- 2000s there was limited access that mediated the purity of the internet. Take a leap through time to the present digital age the internet houses the thoughts of every being with wifi. With new generations came new trends that have corrupted a powerhouse of easily accessible information. Social media provides an open window for pornographic images, graphic videos, selfies, violence and much more have become kosher to share on the internet. It’s a shame that filters and privacy are at a bare minimum with limited monitoring by the authorities.

On the other hand, a millennial approach can be used to improve the issue by starting more progressive trends and challenges on social media. Thus, the “fixtheinternet challenge” was born to encourage worldwide movement of flooding the media with fix the internet posting material. Take a step back; imagine the social and psychological impact of social media feeds on web surfers. Finally, we can generate a ‘fab’ that is encouraging and uplifting to others. Furthermore, it will not be a movement based on who is successful, but a movement of change. This change will erect the qualities of integrity, intelligence, and overall class to be held supreme across the net. Okay that seems like a bit of a stretch and highly unlikely to change years of social norms with one trend. Therefore, a yearly trend would be the goal for an actual change. The month of June will be the ‘Fix The Internet Month’ with the same trend on posting material made every June.

New Posting Material

To sculpt a nation an example must be provided. Fix the internet material will be a subtle contest of posting accomplishments, goals, creations, travels, athletic feats, and anything that has an optimistic vibe.


In order fulfill the fix the internet plan an ideal stage must be set. Literally, intending to showcase the posting to propel more entries and create a cycle. A showcasing will become a wall of fame to house this monumental event. People will be excited to make their mark on our stage. It will simply be another way to become internet famous without any unscrupulous means. The stage will be set on the domain, with a hashtag filter extracting all posts made with #fixtheinternet. Once a user makes a post on Instagram, their post will appear loaded on the website wall of fame.



Let the positive takeover begin! Become an internet Hall Of Famer by making awesome posts on Instagram to show up on the Wall Of Fame. Use the hashtag #fixtheinternet or #fixtheinternetmonth

(Only Instagram posts will load on the wall but don’t let it stop you from joining fix the internet challenge. So please post on all social networks)

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