Blog-post: Balancing Graduate School & Entrepreneurship |Chapter 3:My Company, Log 7|Colluide

Topic:Finished Product & Degree (Part 1)

Patience really is a virtue; I waited agonizingly for my product to be finished by the outsourced website developer. At times it seemed that my product was never going to happen, there was always something obstructing my success. However, I persevered, researched all the issues, and negotiated until I got a satisfied solution. With all my hard work, I was notified by my developer that the finishing touches were being made and my social network would be done within about a week. Finally I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel; it was a feeling of ecstasy to actually have a prototype after all the planning. Interestingly enough, I was right at the point of being finished with my graduate degree, funny how things end up full circle sometimes in life.


As you could probably imagine a lot of things were transpiring in my life. Firstly, I would finally be able to graduate from graduate school. After twenty three years of going to school ending my career as a student was bittersweet for me. In addition, I had to make a decision to search for a job to sustain myself and gain experience until I would be able to build Colluide into a successful business. So until I graduated I took the time to apply to as many jobs as possible in order to have a job lined up for me when I graduate.

Secondly, with graduate school finishing up within about a month it was imperative to wrap up it up with a strong G.P.A. At this point, time management is a necessary skill to have in order to balance the time between all the tasks at hand. I am a firm believer in maintaining at least a 3.5 GPA throughout college. Granted, life happens and lower grade compromises take place at time; however, it was my own standard/rule to maintain that GPA. With finals coming up, the pressure was high to graduate with a GPA that meets my criteria. I have always been inclined to put high GPA maintenance as a personal stress on myself. Yes, it was a small burden that I put on myself, but it always provided me with motivation. Despite my busy schedule I always encouraged myself to live up to my expectations, work hard and try to never worry.


Lastly, was the completion of my website after about 9 months of work. Building my business and networks for 9 months led me up to the moment of being able to release my Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the most successful way possible. Obviously, there were plenty of loose ends in the website that needed to be tied up. I had to manage my time being spent with the increased interaction with my developer, finals, and attempts to secure a job. Furthermore, I had to make future plans for testing and promotion of the website after it was finally completed.


At this stage I had to figure out if my product would be a venture that I could now pursue fulltime or on the sidelines. Realistically speaking, I had to acknowledge the facts and best case scenarios. The idea of having of having investors throw money at my business was highly unlikely and it would still take some time for it to gain popularity on the market. With this thought I simply decided to tie up any loose ends and test the website, graduate with good grades, look for a job, and enjoy my final month in school.

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