How To Build A Startup Step By Step Via Startup Kit E- Book

Startup Kit-Guide, Tools & Resources (E-Book)

With Colluide completing our “Fix The Internet” month long campaign in June to illustrate our ideals in making the internet a better place for everyone…work has been done to finish up our gift to all budding entrepreneurs& startups. We are happy to officially release our new E-Book to showcase our skillset in building a business from the idea to legalization. Our Startup Kit is designed to help both the wanna-be entrepreneurs that have no idea and the innovators that have an idea but need guidance to get the process for startup rolling.

This E-Book outlines:

  • How To Develop An Idea
  • Tips On Growing Business Structure, Model, & Strategy
  • Advice On Building A MVP
  • How To Test Your Product & Create Marketing Plans
  • Legalization Resources
  • Plus articles, tools & resources

BONUS: List Of Startup Contract Templates (Paid version Only)



Colluide developed this step by step guide to building a business as a guaranteed solution to crafting a small business regardless of its industry. We have honed our research and experiences, compiled, and then branded our work into a downloadable pdf version. Please follow our Twitter or Instagram for further updates on the release of the E-Book on Amazon Kindle. To all our avid blog readers consider this E-Book a gift; also, to all out clients and potential clients please consider it a testament to our testament to our startup coaching functionality. Colluide is an online consulting/blogging/E-Store  startup focused on providing expert advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses. Please check out our services here or contact us here.

Our E-Book can be received through a direct purchase and the document will be emailed to you or it can be received free by providing an email address:

Paid Version: Included with 15 Generic Startup Contracts

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Free Version:

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