What Is The Fixtheinternet Challenge?

With the launch of the new beta Grading Portal Website + App, Colluide is challenging everyone to participate in the “Fix The Internet” campaign to create an internet buzz for a viral movement. We want to kick off our new post & profile grading website with a surge of grade worthy posts to use on our new internet grading system!

The Fix the internet campaign is an attempt to create a viral movement of positive posting of their own art or achievements through awesome posts of memes, pictures or videos via our beta Grading Portal website or the Colluide app using the hashtag #fixtheinternet.

The goal is to encourage the idea of a counter strategy towards the break the internet attempts by reducing the level of obscene posts on the internet by encouraging people to post their best and proudest moments to be acknowledged instead.

Instructions: Download the Colluide app at our website at to post a meme, picture, or video of any awesome experience that you wish to be critiqued on the submittal page. We will post the top best submittals on our Post page, then simply share it to your facebook or twitter with the hashtag #fixtheinternet. Join our website and start posting & grading to get a new type of grade to define your posts on social media.

Simply join our Grading Portal website and start posting & grading! Post an experience, art or achievement for a grade with the hashtag #fixtheinternet . Let’s start a new trend of grading on social media.

How Does The Beta Colluide Grading System Work?

A common and initial question in the use of Colluide is, “How are users supposed to grade individuals?” Colluide’s grading scale was based from the school letter grade scale A,B,C,D; which means that a running accumulated grade point average will be continuously calculated. This grade point average is referred to as the ‘Colluide Grade Average (C.G.A.)’ that will result in a score on a 4.0 grading scale. There are two types of C.G.A.( Post & Profile).

Similar to the school based system there are points and credits with Colluide. The value depends on the grade and type of posting respectively. The allocation is shown below:

Grade    Colluide Points    Grading Criteria

A                       4                                              Awesome 

B                       3                                              Pretty Good 

C                       2                                              Okay 

D                      1                                               Not Feeling It 

As each user posts a meme, picture, or video for the public to grade, Colluide Points depending on each grade (A,B,C, or D) are awarded. The accumulated Colluide points divided by the number of graders are used to calculate the C.G.A. for each post. Then the total C.G.A. for all the posts will be added up and divided by the number of posts made to calculate the profile C.G.A.To have a high C.G.A. is the entire objective for the Colluide Challenge.


Example: If a picture is posted and receives two grades of A & B. The C.G.A. for the post is 3.5 for the picture.

Explanation: A= 4 points, B= 3 points, 2 graders

     Accumulated Colluide points=  4+3=7 = 3.5 C.G.A.

Number of Graders=                2

What To Post For A Grade?

Let’s face it, everyone sooner or later has something to prove…whether it is a desire to be recognized or a need to show that they are living life to the fullest. Colluide challenges you to share your most positive/awesome moments of drawings, paintings, doodles, athleticism, travels, accomplishments and much more in the form of memes, pictures, or videos for the public to grade. Instead of giving a bunch of ‘likes’ users will be able to provide a grade to the shared accomplishment based on their own liking. So post something awesome, subscribe to new people, and share your grades to everyone to prove you are a champion among champions with the highest grade!

Define Yourself With A New Type Of Grade

About Us


Colluide is a beta social tool that enables users to share, connect & grade posts & profiles on social networks.

Colluide LLC is an internet start up that creates social solutions to improve the integrity of the internet. With the main product being an online social platform for public grading of posts and profiles currently in beta production. It seeks to help people get a grade on how awesome they are based on their postings of memes, pictures, and videosCreate memes, post pictures, and videos for the world to grade. Take the Colluide Challenge to share, rate & compare your life to others’. Other solutions include encouragement of positive postings of memes, pictures & videos, blogging, and researched reading material for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Founded in 2012, Colluide has a mission to define people with a new type of grade, measure how well people are posting on social networks and improve the level of postings on social networks. Colluide has issued a “Fix The Internet” posting challenge to encourage a movement of awareness to help counter the break the internet attempts with appalling posts to social media.

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